Thursday, March 10, 2011

Villa Bella (Beautiful Home)

I started today in a day-dreamy kind of mood.  Recently, I've been obsessed with planning my dream home.  I've spent hours painting, renovating, and decorating in my mind, and today I created a Treasury with some of those decorations.

My two favorite items:


The gorgeous lighting fixtures I found inspired me to use a little bit of light in my own way.  Specifically, paper lanterns, which are useful, fun, and elegant all at once!  This design started out as a New Address card (I told you I was in a house mood), but as I started designing, I decided it should be a Save the Date card instead.  No worries, though...I'm already working on a similar New Address card design.  :)

Perhaps one day soon I'll have my dream house and I can hang up some real paper lanterns along the patio.  Until then, here's to dreaming!

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