Sunday, May 29, 2011

Be Our Guest!

Goodness it has been a crazy month for me, hence the lack of a blog post in over two weeks!  This month I made a sale of 325 wedding invitation sets to one couple, and I also had a family friend visit for a few days.  In addition, spring and summer parties have begun, making me one busy girl.  :)

Another of my orders this month was to a friend whose daughter is turning 4 in July, and she wants a Beauty and the Beast party.  Since that happens to be one of my favorite fairytales, I was super excited to create a design for her birthday invitations and thank you cards.  This design is completely customizable and features the name of the birthday girl!

For an extra touch of princess awesomeness, there are matching thank you cards too!

It was so much fun designing these that I might have to do more featuring some other fairytale princesses.  :)  Be sure to check back!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Another Shop Makeover

I'm constantly brainstorming for new ideas on how to make my shop more visually appealing.  I liked my previous pink banner, but I felt that it may have drawn too much attention away from my products.  Introducing my new shop banner's simple, fresh, and totally spring!

In addition, I've decided to alter the look of my product images.  I love having actual photographs of my products so that people can see what they look like when printed, but I felt that the thumbnails in my shop needed to be more uniform.  So, I'll be keeping the photographs, but the default images will be a little different from now on.  These new images will allow for a better view of the entire product.  Here's a glance at my new storefront (I still have a few products that need their images changed):

I think it is going to look really great when I'm finished.  Here's a close-up example of one, featuring my newest wedding invitation design in yellow and gray damask:

Hopefully this will be the last major makeover I decide to do for quite some time.  It's exhausting!  ;)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I've had several brides ask if I could turn their RSVP cards into postcards.  Originally, my answer was a hesitant yes.  I could in fact create a double-sided RSVP card that the USPS would accept as mail.  However, I was concerned that the cardstock I use would take quite a beating in the mail.

So I'm super excited to announce that I am now able to confidently answer yes to that question.  Daisy Design Shop has started offering RSVP postcards, as well as save-the-date postcards in any design!  These postcards are made of a high-quality, slightly glossy, and extremely durable type of paper.  Each set must be specially ordered, so they will take a little longer than my usual processing time (up to 3 weeks), but they're totally worth it!

Both the front and the back are completely customizable.  Here are some examples of RSVP postcards:

Postcards can save on postage too!  Here is a save-the-date design:

It's just about time for you spring 2012 brides to order your save-the-date postcards!  :)