Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Winter Weather

I love winter.  I really do.  This morning though, after spending more than a week in sub-zero temperatures, I said (for maybe the first time in my life) that I was ready for winter to be over.  But my Saint Bernard puppy is still enjoying it!

I'm ready for spring, but it looks like we've still got at least a few more weeks of winter weather left.  At least it's pretty!  Here are some of my favorite winter-inspired designs.

This is one of my newest winter designs.  I'm in love with the simplicity and colors.
I printed one on my pearl metallic cardstock and it was simply stunning.

More snowflakes, but paired with a less commonly 
used color for winter. I love the bright contrast!

Who says you have to give up flowers/foliage just because it's winter?
Bright red berries paired with white flowers and a wooden plank 
background is a truly gorgeous combination.

And this year's winter roundup just wouldn't be complete
without an homage to one of my new favorite movies!

Stay safe and warm!

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