Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I've had several brides ask if I could turn their RSVP cards into postcards.  Originally, my answer was a hesitant yes.  I could in fact create a double-sided RSVP card that the USPS would accept as mail.  However, I was concerned that the cardstock I use would take quite a beating in the mail.

So I'm super excited to announce that I am now able to confidently answer yes to that question.  Daisy Design Shop has started offering RSVP postcards, as well as save-the-date postcards in any design!  These postcards are made of a high-quality, slightly glossy, and extremely durable type of paper.  Each set must be specially ordered, so they will take a little longer than my usual processing time (up to 3 weeks), but they're totally worth it!

Both the front and the back are completely customizable.  Here are some examples of RSVP postcards:

Postcards can save on postage too!  Here is a save-the-date design:

It's just about time for you spring 2012 brides to order your save-the-date postcards!  :)

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