Saturday, April 2, 2011

Happy International Children's Book Day!

Sorry for the long delay between posts...I have been swamped for the past couple of weeks, which is definitely a good thing.  :)  I absolutely couldn't resist a post for today, though.  I am a huge children's book enthusiast/collector/fanatic, so this is one of my favorite "holidays."

I made an entire Treasury dedicated to some of my favorite children's books and those mentioned by my friends and fans on facebook. 

It's super difficult for me to pick an absolute favorite, but Where the Wild Things Are (or really, anything that Maurice Sendak ever even looked at), The Secret Garden, and Percy Jackson are three of my big obsessions.  I actually ordered a version of this recycled book collage and I'm so excited for it to arrive soon!

And I am seriously considering buying this necklace for myself, or maybe hinting strongly to my husband that it would make a perfect Easter present.  :)

What are your favorite children's books and why?

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